Members of the Lab


Lucy De Souza (Lab Manager), BA 2016/MA 2017

Hello! I am a psychology graduate student from Montclair, New Jersey. I additionally completed my BA at Wesleyan, double majoring in psychology and sociology. I am interested in the relationships between culture, gender, and honor, which my Master’s thesis on masculinity and male honor threat explores. When I’m not working in the lab, I spend my time coordinating the Wesleyan University/Middle School Tutoring Program and spinning poi and fans in Prometheus, Wesleyan’s fire performance troupe. In the fall, I will be heading to the University of British Columbia to continue my graduate studies in psychology.


Yvette Yun (Lab Manager), BA 2017

Hi, I’m from Seoul, Korea, and I study Psychology and East Asian Studies at Wesleyan. My primary interest in psychology is moral decision making (how people make moral decisions), and moral emotions like guilt or shame. In the Culture and Emotion lab, I explored my interests by collaborating with Professor Rodriguez Mosquera on studies on the morality-based honor, violations of the academic honor code, and resulting emotional appraisals. I greatly enjoyed doing psychology research with Professor Rodriguez Mosquera during my time at Wes! In my spare time, I love to cook new recipes. I’m a dog person, and I like rain and snow 🙂

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Maxine Lai, BA 2017

I am a psychology and biology double major from Hong Kong and hope to attend medical school in the future. I am interested in understanding the intersections between biology and psychology, especially the processes involved in the development of emotions and how they tie into different cultures. As a research assistant, I studied feminine honor in Latino/a American and European American cultures and also looked at the potential consequences of a violation of the feminine honor code in the workplace.

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Tatum Leclair,  BA 2018

Hi there! I’m Tatum, class of 2018, psychology and classics major. I studied abroad in Athens the fall semester of my junior year. My research interests include emotions, social image, and self esteem, which I will hopefully get to pursue further in graduate school. Aside from academics, I am one of the captains of Wes’ Varsity Women’s Squash teams, and work for Bob in the equipment room. I also play tennis and really enjoy eating and traveling. Be sure to say hi if you see me around campus!

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Sophia Antonio, BA 2019

Hello! My name is Sophia Antonio and I am from Chicago, IL. I am a Psychology and Sociology double major interested in research in social psychology. This past semester I enjoyed working on two studies that examined the relationships between gender, culture, and honor. I look forward to continuing work in the same area with Professor Rodriguez Mosquera when I return from my semester abroad in Amsterdam.


Maya Dorn, BA 2019

Hi! I’m Maya! I’m majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience and minoring in Film. Last semester, Tatum and I studied how gendered honor codes manifest themselves at Wesleyan, as a progressive political climate. I would love to explore more into the intersection between politics, culture, and psychology. Outside of the classroom, I’m involved in frisbee, dance, theater, and fire spinning.

Sifana Sohail, BA 2018